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What is Zip?

Zip is an easy and flexible payment method which gives you the freedom to buy now and pay later at thousands of Australia’s favourite stores and clinics. There are two reusable account types, Zip Pay and Zip Money.

Zip's allows you to securely shop online and instore with any Zip retailer up to your account limit. Each repayment that you make towards your purchases will replenish your available funds, allowing you to reuse your account again and again.

Once you have a Zip account, management is easy. You can make purchases, manage repayments and much more from our simple, online account.

Repayments are flexible to suit your lifestyle - weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and you can pay as much as you like as long as you meet your minimum monthly repayments (advised at the time of sign up).

For both Zip Pay and Zip Money, a $6 monthly account fee applies, but only when you have a balance. We'll waive this if you pay your balance by the due date.

You can apply for a Zip account in minutes online. To apply you need to be an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen and 18 years of age. Applications involve identity verification and a credit check.

Once approved, the items are all yours without waiting, and you choose how you'd like to pay back over time to suit your lifestyle.




General zipMoney (‘ZIP’) info

Zip Money offers account limits from $1000 up and can be used for those big ticket items you have had your eye on but may want to pay over time, on your terms.

Minimum repayments start at $40 per month, however, they may be higher depending on your account type and credit limit. You can also make lump sum payments whenever you like to pay back your balance faster and avoid interest.

Some Zip Money accounts require one off set up fee, which is determined by your credit limit. Zip Money accounts also incur interest from 19.9% p.a.

Every purchase has a guaranteed interest free period of at least 3 months, but look out for some retailers offering up to 48 months interest free.

What is ZIP? ZIP is a simple and convenient online payment option that lets you buy now and pay later with no credit card required. It’s fast and easy and is specifically designed to help you manage your online spending.

How does it work? A ZIP application can be done direct online or instore (for instore purchases you can complete your application in private on your smart phone) The application only takes a few minutes (3-5 minutes) and if the stock is available and your account have been succesfully activated you can take as soon as its approved (Generally within a few minutes 3-10 during business hours). In short our sales staff will create the zipMoney order which triggers an SMS sent to your smart phone, from there you can complete the application.

You must be over 18 years old.

Must be an Australian Resident.

Must be employed.

What is a ZIP Line of Credit Facility? A ZIP Line of Credit Facility is an Account that provides an available amount of money at any time. It allows you to make purchases on credit up to your approved credit limit. You can make as many purchases as you wish, as long as you stay under your credit limit and make your minimum repayments each month. ZIP puts you in control of your online spending and allows you to purchase or repay as much and as often as you like.

What can I use my ZIP Line of Credit Facility for? The ZIP Line of Credit Facility can be used to purchase goods and services online at any ZIP affiliated retailer.

Where can I use my ZIP Line of Credit Facility? You may use your ZIP Line of Credit facility at any ZIP affiliated merchant. Please check for a list of these merchants. ZIP is continually expanding its’ stable of quality merchants to enhance the benefit and range available to all ZIP customers.

What is the ZIP Consumer Centre? The ZIP Consumer Centre is our online access point for your Account. It can be found by signing it at All information about your Account can be accessed and viewed or updated. Information includes outstanding balance, available credit, repayment details, transaction and statement information, and much more. It also provides an instant messaging contact service for all your enquiries.

How do I access the ZIP Consumer Centre? You can access the ZIP Consumer Centre by signing in at You will require your log in details and password to access your Account.

What do I do if there is a problem with the product I have purchased? You should contact the Merchant for all product and delivery related problems. ZIP only affiliates with reputable merchants and they will always assist you, and have detailed policies with regard to these issues. If you are unsatisfied with their review process you may contact ZIP for further advice or assistance.

What is an SMS Code? An SMS Code is a secure code provided by ZIP to you via SMS, and is required to authorise each purchase. This layer of protection forms part of ZIP’s multi point authentication process and protects both you and ZIP from fraudulent transactions.

How do I update my details? You can update your details at any time via your online access in the ZIP Consumer Centre.

How do I contact ZIP? You can contact ZIP via email at, direct online through the ZIP Consumer Centre at, through the ‘chat now’ function, or by phone at (02) 8003 4322.

Can I use ZIP in another country? No. At this stage ZIP is for Australian residents only, making purchases at Australian domiciled retailer websites.

Fees and Charges                

* No deposit - nothing to pay today
* Pay NO INTEREST for 12 MONTHS on any order above $500
* A one-time only fee of $20 to establish your account - debited to your balance and paid back over time
* Minimum monthly repayment of $40/mth or 3% of outstanding balance (whichever is greater)
* A small admin fee of $6/month, payable only if balance owing
Safety and Security                
* Enjoy buyer protection on all purchases made using zipMoney
* No credit card numbers. No worries! Simply checkout with your email address and password
* We employ 2 factor authentication in addition to your secure password
* We employ the same encryption as the big banks
* We have partnered with global leaders in fraud prevention who count PayPal and eBay as clients
Important Notice Available to approved applicants only. Minimum monthly repayments of 3% or $40 (whichever is greater) are required. Paying only the minimum monthly repayment amount will not pay out the purchase within the interest free period. Any balance outstanding at the expiry of the interest free period will be charged interest at the standard annual percentage rate, currently 23.9%. A one-off Establishment Fee of $20 and Monthly Account Service Fee of $3.95 (when balance owing) apply. Terms & Conditions apply and are available on application. Credit provided by zipMoney Pty Limited, ABN 58 164 440 993, Australian Credit Licence Number 441878. Visit to learn more about zipMoney.
Zip Pay is an everyday account that is interest free always, and is perfect for frequent shoppers and everyday use.

Each month you'll receive a statement & have until the end of next month to pay back with no fees. A minimum repayment of $40/mth (or balance if less) is required, but you can of course pay back your balance faster if you like.

What is zipPay?

zipPay is a safe, simple and 100% interest-free payment solution powered by zipMoney Payments. zipPay gives you the ability to buy now, and pay later for purchases – without a credit card. Once approved, you get access to a new shopping account that allows you to pay back with total flexibility over time. It’s simple to use and specifically designed to help you manage your online spending.

Easy sign-up with facebook and paypal (get a decision for approval instantly)

• Get a digital wallet up to $1,000 to spend online and in-store

• Full payment flexibility - You will have up to 60 days to pay back the full amount.

(need more time? No problem, buy yourself more time for just $6 per month)

• Nothing to pay today and No interest ever.

Who can apply?

• Anyone who is over 18 years old

• An Australian resident

Are any documents required?
No. You can complete the full application process in under 3 minutes online.

You will only be required to sign in with facebook or paypal to validate your identity.

What are the fees?
You will have up to 60 days to pay the amount back in full. Need more time?
No problem, buy yourself more time for just $5 per month you can and pay back
next month.

Sorry, can you explain the term "up to 60 days without paying a fee" just one more time?

Sure can!

zipPay works like an account. For all purchases you make during a month you receive a statement with your closing balance on the 1st day of the following month. You have until the end of the month to pay off that balance to remain fee free.

Here’s an example : If you make your first purchase on the 1st of March for $39, you will receive a statement on the 1st of April with the closing balance of $39 (unless you made more purchases in March) which you need to pay off until the 30th of April in order to not have to pay the account fee.

Should you wish to carry your balance into May, you simply pay a small $5 monthly account fee. And if you take a break for a month and start spending money again some time in June? Then the timer starts from the beginning and you have to make your first payment on the last day of July.

How can I make repayments?
Just sign into your zipPay account to schedule your repayments weekly, fortnightly, monthly or in random amounts.

When is my first repayment due?
We require a minimal monthly repayment of $40.00 from your first statement

Can I pay it off early, or make extra payments?

Are there early payout fees?

Any other questions?

Call: 1300 947 729





What is Certegy Ezi-Pay Express?

Certegy Ezi-Pay Express, Australia’s favourite retail payment plan is a “revolving credit account” that allows you to purchase your goods today, by paying an initial deposit with the remainding balance being conveniently direct debited fortnightly. There is a simple application which is done online, no invasive questions and fast approval times (usually on the spot). BEST OF ALL NO INTEREST EVER!*


Certegy Ezi-Pay Express is a continuous credit service available at thousands of retailers and service providers across Australia. Over 1.5 Million sales have been processed by Certegy Ezi-Pay to purchase goods or services

Awesome Beds 4 Kids currently offers 6 & 12 months No Interest Ever! periods (in other words 13 or 26 fortnightly payment periods). Minimum purchase is $500. (Excludes some sale items)

You nominate your bank account or credit card and we do the rest. It generally takes only a few minutes for the entire process and....

Your contract has NO INTEREST EVER!*


How Does It Work?

If you have a full time job (Minimum 30 hours week), answer a few questions for our sales staff and we complete the application for you.

Repayments will be direct debited fortnightly.

After approval and paying your deposit (Minimum 25% and up to 50%) we will send the application through to Certegy Ezi Pay.

Certegy Ezi pay will send you a confirmation letter detailing the dates and amount of each direct debit.

Make sure there is sufficient funds in your account on the stated direct debit dates in the letter and be rest assured, there is... No Interest Ever!*

How Much Does It Cost?

Certegy Ezi-Pay Express is a No Interest! Ever! Loan, however you will pay a once off establishment fee of  from $20 to $65 payable over term. There is a monthly account keeping fee of $2.80 which will be direct debited whilst your account remains active.

Are there any other charges? There is a $2.80 payment processing fee with each repayment. Please remember that your payment plan is NO INTEREST EVER!*Conditions apply and terms are available on application.

Can I make multiple purchases?
Yes - please refer to the "Terms and conditions" in store for futher details.

What you will need!
We ask that you supply the following:

Full BSB & Account Number or Credit Card number along with documentation showing proof of bank account ownership (sorry eftpos cards are not suitable as they cannot be debited). A bank statement is fine.

Suitable photo identification is required. e.g Drivers Licence.

Employer details.(Phone number, address etc)

All applications by Awesome Beds 4 Kids are done in store and online by our sales staff.

PLEASE NOTE:Any transport charges have to be paid separate to your contracted finance amount. This can be paid at the same time as your 25% deposit.

Can I close my account and are there any charges?

Once your purchase(s) have been paid in full and your account balance is zero you can cancel via written notice to certegy. There are NO additional fees for closing your Account or paying out early.

All other questions or for a CERTEGY EZI-PAY Express Quote please call our sales staff 1300 556 243.

You can visit for more information.



Awesome Beds 4 Kids does offers lay-by on all products. Terms are 15% deposit & strictly 8 weeks from date of order unless prior arrangement is made before ordering. You can call 1300 556 243 to order over the phone and orgainse a Lay-By.

What happens if my goods aren't paid off by 8 week term?

You may be charged a late order pick up fee if goods aren't picked up or delivered within this time frame. If you cancel your goods there is a 10% cancellation fee applied to total cost.

General Conditions:
• Minimum deposit 15% of the total sale amount is required for all lay-bys.

• Regular payments MUST be made every 14 Days from date of purchase.

• Lay-bys are not to exceed an 8 week period.

• Payments may be made in store, credit card over the phone or direct deposit.
* Direct Deposit Payments - (Our Bank Account Details Are On Your Invoice)
* Please put Last Name or Invoice Number As Reference

Unless a payment arrangement has been organized.

• Extended lay-by periods are available only for Christmas Lay-bys. -  These are only available for purchases made in
September/ October/ November

* These sales are at managements discretion and must be approved.


• On cancellation by the customer, all amounts paid by the customer towards
the lay-by will be refunded, LESS a termination fee of 15% the
total sale amount of the product/s.

• Refund payments are made by either Direct Deposit or on Credit Card which was used to
pay initial deposit. We don’t keep cash over $50 at any given time in stores.

• Awesome Beds 4 Kids may terminate the lay-by agreement if:
(a) Any Lay-by that is longer than 12 weeks will be cancelled. Unless prior
      arrangement has been made with management.
(b) If the customer has breached the term of the lay-by agreement.
(c) The goods are no longer available due to circumstances beyond our
      control. In this instance we will provide full refund.